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GI-ESCR supported CESCR with the organisation of its annual meeting with civil society

GI-ESCR supported CESCR with the organisation of its annual meeting with civil society

On Friday, 23 February 2024 the Committee on Economic Social and Cultural Rights held its annual meeting with civil society organisations at its 75th session to establish a dialogue on the working methods and substantive work of CESCR. This event has become a staple of the CESCR sessions year by year, bringing its work closer to civil society.

The annual CSO meeting included twenty-five participants from civil society organisations. During the meeting, eight representatives from different NGOs and NHRIs took to the floor to share their comments and concerns with the Committee. The meeting also included 13 video messages sent in by organisations unable to attend in-person. The conference was carried out through four segments, each ending with the reactions from Committee members.

The meeting had a dual purpose, both amplifying the work of the Committee and bringing its attention to different issues observed by civil society. This year the event was hold in person in Geneva. Nevertheless, to guarantee greater participation, GI-ESCR facilitated the presentation of video messages by CSOs not based in Geneva. Through this channel, 13 NGOs were able to deliver their messages and bring them to the attention of the Committee.

With the organisation of this event, GI-ESCR maintains its commitment to facilitating the participation of organisations from the Global South at the international level. Additionally, it is aligned with the priority of strengthening the work of UN bodies.

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