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On Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

We constantly look for innovative ways to effectively further social and economic justice, gender equality and human dignity. Changing the narrative is at the core of this mission. We seek to reach out to people, by engaging with their diversity, values and experiences and, as far as possible, in their own languages. For us, media outlets represent an important bridge that meets this goal.  As we work in many countries around the world and at a global level too,  we strive to engage with media outlets worldwide, focusing not only on articles but also on interviews and open editorials as a human voice relaying people’s experiences and alternatives for transformative change.   

GI-ESCR welcomes all media-related enquiries on human rights issues. If you are interested, please contact 

GI-ESCR in the media

9 December 2023 - Clarín (Argentina) - Cooperar o perecer, dilema de una humanidad en guerra. Op-Ed by our ED Magdalena Sepúlveda on the occasion of the 75 anniversary of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

21 November 2023 - Project Syndicate (United States) - Put the UN in Charge of International Taxation. Our ED Magdalena Sepúlveda was one of the co-signer of the open letter. 

1st August 2023 - Daily Maverick (South Africa) - Six years in the making, support builds for global set of principles on human rights of the future

The First Latin American and Caribbean Summit for an Inclusive, Sustainable and Equitable Global Tax Order occurred on July 27-28 in Cartagena de Indias. In our collaborative media management effort with the core group of organisations we are part of, we successfully published 136 articles in both Spanish and Portuguese. Our reach extended to various countries, including Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Honduras, Spain, Paraguay, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and more.

27 July 2023 - RED/ACCION (Argentina) - América Latina es una de las regiones más desiguales del mundo: Gobiernos y organizaciones apuestan a reformar los sistemas tributarios.

26 July 2023 - El Mostrador (Chile) - Magdalena Sepúlveda: “Un impuesto (mínimo) global debe ser parte de la discusión sobre desigualdad”. The interview lasted 21.23 minutes, obtaining 18,000 unique visits on the day of its publication and four sustained minutes of viewing.

26 July 2023 - El Mostrador (Chile) - Una cumbre histórica para el fin de los paraísos fiscales.

25 July 2023 - ADN Radio (Chile) - Primera Cumbre Lationaméricana y el Caribe para una tributación global incluyente, sostenible y equitativa.

17 July 2023 - The Guardian (UK) - Top economists call for action on runaway global inequality. Our ED is among the signatories of an open letter to the UN and the World Bank. 

26 May 2023 - Health Policy Watch (Global) - New Principles Offer Guide to Human Rights During Health Emergencies.

25 May 2023 - RFI (France) - Etat des lieux de la privatisation de l’éducation en Afrique francophone : Madagascar, Mali, Sénégal, Côte d’Ivoire.

15 April 2023 - ElDiarioEs (Spain) - Colombia y Brasil defienden sus cambios fiscales en la semana grande del FMI

8 March 2023 - Social Europe (UK) - How to strengthen women’s resilience to disasters. Op-Ed by our ED Magdalena Sepúlveda on International Women’s Day.
It was echoed by 28 media outlets of 25 countries and in 6 languages.

20 February 2023 - The Standard (Kenya) - Step up campaign for equity in the provision of public services. Op-Ed by Ashina Mstumi and Valentina Contreras on Social Justice Day, about the Santiago Declaration, a direct result of the Our Future is Public conference held last December in Santiago de Chile.

18 January 2023 - La Nación (Argentina) - América Latina debe dejar de ignorar el elefante en la sala. Op-Ed by our ED Magdalena Sepúlveda Carmona and Vicente Silva, on the need for the Latam region to achieve global, sustainable and equitable taxation. 

18 January 2023 - El País (Costa Rica) - Colombia propone primera cumbre latinoamericana para una tributación global.


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