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Spark is an independent online platform dedicated to boldly analysing and exploring the energy transition through a feminist and human rights lens.

Amid the multiple challenges posed by the climate emergency and the imperative to ensure high-quality, accessible, adequate, and sustainable energy services for all, this blog provides a space to rethink what constitutes transformative and effective ways to power our economies and societies.

Through written contributions that foster the exchange of ideas among activists, experts, frontline community members, and academics, we will collectively illuminate the systemic issues affecting current energy systems and spark discussions on energy alternatives that can enable a just, feminist, and rights-based transition to a sustainable future.

Power to the People: Advancing the Democratization of Energy Transition Through Feminist and Intersectional Perspectives

Marine Cornelis

The energy sector remains the main culprit in climate change, responsible for almost three-quarters of global greenhouse gas emissions. A low-carbon future - known as "decarbonization" - requires interweaving with the other three drivers of the energy transition: decentralization (producing closer to people), digitization (using technology to monitor electricity flows), and democratization.

Democratizing the energy transition puts people at the center. It shows that the path to net-zero encompasses more than technological advances and policy changes. It's about reshaping power dynamics, ensuring equitable access, and recognizing the diversity of needs and contributions. 

Marine Cornelis

Marine Cornelis

Marine Cornelis, founder of Next Energy Consumer, bridges analysis and thought leadership with actionable dissemination for businesses and projects across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. With 15 years of experience spanning consumer protection, energy poverty, and digital transformation, she champions diversity and community empowerment. Her work act as a bridge between stakeholders, skillfully blending human, technical, and political insights to ensure that people's experiences drive the transition narrative. This vision earned her recognition as an ambassador of the European Climate Pact. Through her Energ'Ethic podcast, she shares inspiring stories driving global energy and climate progress.

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