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Arts Competition: The role of public services in building a just, inclusive, and equal society

Arts Competition: The role of public services in building a just, inclusive, and equal society

GI-ESCR, in collaboration with the University of Nairobi, has launched a captivating Arts Competition centred around the crucial role of public services, with the theme for 2023 set as "The Role of Public Services in Building a Just, Inclusive, and Equal Society". This competition aims to raise awareness about the significance of public services in our rapidly evolving societies.

The competition will run from May 24th to November 2023, providing ample time for participants to reflect and prepare their submissions. It welcomes a diverse range of artistic genres, including paintings, sculptures, songs, poems, spoken word performances, and more. The deadline for submissions is October 15th. During the competition, together with the University of Nairobi- Center for Human Rights and Peace, we will also have community engagements (in-person and virtually) with the student community and delve deeper into the competition's theme, fostering meaningful discussions. For further information on the Art Competition and the terms and conditions, see here.

 The primary goal of the competition is to inspire the youth to share their perceptions on public services and envision the transformative potential of quality public services that are accessible to all. Through this competition, we aim to equip participants and their communities with the tools and knowledge to advocate for the public services that meet their rights.

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