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Climate Justice and Corporate Accountability

Climate Justice and Corporate Accountability

Invited by ProDESC (Mexico), CCR (USA) & ECCHR (Germany), GI-ESCR participated in the Meeting on Climate Justice and Corporate Accountability held In April 2023 in Mexico

To continue the political and strategic reflection on the context of crisis that is being experienced in different themes and areas of Human Rights, we joined the meeting to deepen diagnoses, rethink existing strategies, weave networks of analysis and action that consider a convergent political position of the actions to be carried out, as well as to make these reflections concrete in a robust publication of reference on the debates that are being presented.

The meeting pursues four different objectives, all interrelated:

  1. To follow up on the political and strategic reflection initiated in Berlin, given the breadth of the issues and the need to turn these ideas into concrete actions;
  1. To design a minimum agenda for global intervention, rethinking existing strategies and adjusting them to the new challenges and international scenarios; in particular, to explore new paths to connect the struggles of the global South with transnational and international fora, considering the new barriers and lessons learned identified by these communities.
  1. To identify allied organisations and movements to activate this renewed global agenda for HR and implement it from a transnational logic (It is very important to include both communities or collectives in different regions of the Global South or indigenous/marginalised/racialized groups whose concerns are shared with the first ones);
  1. To publish the reflections in a book that will bring together the ideas, strategies and actions derived from both the meeting held in November 2021 in Berlin and this one in Mexico.


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