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GI-ESCR celebrates the revitalisation of Friends of ESC Rights, led by Portugal

GI-ESCR celebrates the revitalisation of Friends of ESC Rights, led by Portugal

GI-ESCR welcomes the recent announcement of the revitalisation of the Group of Friends of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (GFESCR) at the United Nations in Geneva and commends Portugal for this initiative. 

For more than 30 years, Portugal has been a champion in promoting and protecting economic, social and cultural rights at the UN. They lead on the bi-annual comprehensive resolution regarding the realisation of economic, social, and cultural rights across all nations and participate in many other ESCR-related initiatives.

In light of the ongoing global pandemic and the numerous crises confronting people worldwide, GI-ESCR views this renewed effort to reactive the GFESCR  as a timely call for the urgent need for the international community as a whole to commit to the value of economic, social, and cultural rights. As this year marks the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it is crucial to reinforce the indivisibility and interdependence of all human rights.

GI-ESCR is committed to collaborating with the GFESCR to strengthen international human rights law and procedures to combat social and economic injustices. We are convinced that together we will ensure that the rights and dignity of all persons are upheld, and that equality is achieved for all.

The Group of Friends of ESCR is a broad association of States, United Nations agencies, funds and programmes, as well as civil society institutions, which have coalesced around a shared commitment to promoting economic, social and cultural rights. (Source)

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