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GI-ESCR creates space for grassroots movements to voice their concerns on critical minerals in Chile

GI-ESCR creates space for grassroots movements to voice their concerns on critical minerals in Chile

The Global Initiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (GI-ESCR) jointly with FIMA, a local Chilean environmental organisation, held a two day workshop on “Women and Critical Minerals: Towards a Just Transition” on 8 and 9 of November 2023. The event convened a small group of 15 women representatives of grassroots communities and representatives of civil society in Chile that are advancing a just transition towards renewable energy by questioning the use and extraction of lithium, a critical mineral on which the transition to low carbon energy systems depends on. The aim was to create a space to share experiences, lessons learned, and collectively build a vision for the future that centres the needs and concerns of women and girls at the frontlines of the movement towards just and sustainable societies.

The event was joined by women living in the regions of Chile impacted by the exploration and exploitation of lithium, the region of Atacama and Antofagasta, as well as representatives of civil society organizations working at the national level on advancing an equitable and just transition towards green energy. This two day workshop combined a series of roundtables to frame the conversation and have an open discussion with all participants, with small group sessions to have in depth conversations and visualise the reality in the territories impacted by extractive industries.

This space created a friendly, open, and intimate platform for indigenous women, artists, and activists to share their views in sorority. It contributed to the creation of a collective view on the gender differentiated impacts of the industry of lithium in the territory. It furthermore helped bridge the gaps of information on the effects that the increased demand of critical minerals is having on women and envisioned how a gender-just energy transition could be guided by principles of human rights and gender justice. At the end of this two day conversation, a brief summary of the discussion was shared amongst participants and a report analysing the information during the event will be issued.

The outcomes of the meeting will allow to build momentum at the grassroots level to raise awareness, learn from the mutual exchange of experiences, and advance a gender-just transition. A profound transformation that aims to create a future where all can realise their fundamental rights within the limits of the planet.

Stay tuned for the report on women and critical minerals: towards a just transition in Chile!


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