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GI-ESCR met with OHCHR representative in South America

GI-ESCR met with OHCHR representative in South America

On 10 November, GI-ESCR met with the UN Human Rights Representative in South America, Jan Jarab, with the aim to identify possible synergies and articulate actions to promote human rights in the region.

At the meeting, Magdalena Sepúlveda took the opportunity to explain the role of GI-ESCR in the promotion and protection of economic, social, and cultural rights through the strengthening of universal and quality public services, fiscal policies equitable to advance the financing and progressive realisation of these rights, and just transitions in a context of climate emergency.

Meanwhile, Jan Jarab reported on the Office's particular interest in promoting public policies based on human rights that ensure, among others, the right to health, a healthy environment, education, and security, all in line to contribute to reducing inequalities.

Jarab specifically mentioned the work of UN Human Rights concerning environmental defenders and the actions of the Office within the framework of the SURGE initiative, whose objective is to strengthen the work on economic, social, and cultural rights on the ground and strengthen the link between human rights, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and economic policies.

Magdalena Sepúlveda and Jan Jarab expressed their commitment to working hand in hand to promote the guarantee of all human rights and, in particular, economic, social, and economic rights, meeting the region's special needs.

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