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GI-ESCR part of the webinar cycle "United towards COP28"

GI-ESCR part of the webinar cycle "United towards COP28"

GI-ESCR together with partners co-organised a webinar cycle called "United towards COP28", which was a series of online events organised by a collaboration between various organisations, including FIMA, CANLA, DeJusticia, Conectas, GFLAC, Nuestra América Verde and Barranquilla + 20. These webinars were designed to address cross-cutting issues related to climate change. The aim was to raise awareness, promote dialogue, and inspire concrete actions in the lead-up to COP28.

In particular, the webinar "Just Transition and Climate Finance” aimed to analyse how these dimensions (socio-ecological transition, human rights, and climate finance) are interconnected and play out in the context of Latin American tax cooperation. Latin American countries are increasingly focusing on collaboration and tax policies to address environmental and climate-related challenges.

Around 40-50 people attended this webinar, which indicates a strong interest in the topic. The event sought to promote a deep and constructive dialogue among participants, which included various organisations such as the Tax Justice Network, GI-ESCR, GFLAC (Group for climate finance in LAC), and the Ministry of Finance of Colombia.

The overarching goal of "United towards COP28" webinar series is to inspire concrete actions and policies that contribute to a just transition, considering human rights and fiscal policies in the design and implementation processes. The idea is to make sure that the transition to a more sustainable future is not only environmentally responsible but also, socially equitable and respects human rights.

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