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GI-ESCR Participated in a COP28 Debrief Organised by ESCR-Net

GI-ESCR Participated in a COP28 Debrief Organised by ESCR-Net

The Global Initiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (GI-ESCR) participated in a virtual COP28 debrief organised by ESCR-Net. The debrief aimed to provide a co-learning space to draw on the challenges and lessons learned from the engagement and advocacy at COP28. Additionally, it aimed to provide a space to reflect on and identify both new and existing strategies for engagement and advocacy at COP29 and beyond. The session convened CSOs to share their views on the efforts made last year at COP28 and the results garnered in order to enable collective reflections with collleagues.

In particular, GI-ESCR’s Programme Officer on Climate and Environmental Justice, Alejandra Lozano, participated in the debrief where she discussed the outcomes of COP28 in relation to human rights and climate justice principles. Additionally, Alejandra also analysed, together with partners at the session, what are some key issues and next targets to advance a just transition.

To delve deeper into this discussion and get the insights from civil society participation at COP28, we encourage you to access the session here.

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