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Principles of Human Rights in Fiscal Policy

Principles of Human Rights in Fiscal Policy

Latin American organizations present "Principles of Human Rights in Fiscal Policy" to the Undersecretary of Finance in Chile


On 7 April, Latin American expert organizations attended a meeting in the Chilean Ministry of Finance to present the initiative "Principles of Human Rights in Fiscal Policy" to the Undersecretary of Finance, Claudia Sanhueza, as an input for the tax reform bill that will be discussed in the congress in the second half of 2022. Chile has a regressive tax system that fails to adequately guarantee human rights for all. The “Principles of Human Rights in Fiscal Policy” seeks to strengthening the framework of human rights as a model for the development of fiscal policy, shifting the issue of fiscal resources from the periphery to the core of the human rights agenda. In this regard, the desired outcome is that fiscal policy will seek to guarantee human rights and reduce the multiple inequalities in their enjoyment. Among the organizations attending were the Global Initiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, ACIJ, Fundar, CELS, CESR and Public Service International, who called for human rights obligations to be taken into account in the tax reform process, including greater tax revenues and progressivity, as well as the implementation of mechanisms for citizen participation and accountability.

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