Judicial Protection of ESC rights Manual

Judicial Protection of ESC rights Manual

Judicial Protection of ESC rights Manual


GI-ESCR has contributed to the Supreme Court of Justice of Mexico’s publication of a Manual on the Judicial Protection of ESC rights.

For several decades, the protection of ESC rights has been one of the issues that has gained great relevance in the Latin American constitutional debate. One of the most important discussions have to do with the legitimacy of the courts to make these rights effective, since their satisfaction is located at the crossroads of the market, economy and public policies: areas traditionally reserved to the democratically elected powers.

Mexico’s General Directorate of Human Rights of the Supreme Court and the Federal School of Judicial Training designed the editorial project Action Manuals, aimed especially at jurisdictional staff. The manuals seek to be true didactic tools that, on the one hand, facilitate the resolution of cases in light of the most up-to-date standards in human rights and on the other, contribute to specialized training in essential topics for the administration of justice.

Thus, the manuals address issues that have been little explored in training of the imparters of justice, even when they are transcendental for their work. Some manuals develop cross-functional knowledge jurisdiction, regardless of the matter. Others seek to delve into specific issues in various matters such as criminal, civil or labor.

Our contribution: Chapter XXI, The rights-based approach to social protection and its judicial protection, by Magdalena Sepúlveda.

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