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The Liberian Education Advancement Program

The Liberian Education Advancement Program

Report on the Implementation of the Liberian Education Advancement Program (LEAP)

2017 - 2022


Report on the implementation of the Liberian Education Advancement Program coverThere is a need for greater transparency, accountability, inclusion, and evidence-based decision-making by the Ministry of Education around the LEAP. Any plans on its further expansion should be halted, due to the poor conditions in many of the schools being operated by the private providers, the questionable labor practices followed by the providers and other concerns characterizing the operation of the main provider, Bridge International Academies (BIA). To overcome some of these concerns, it is pivotal that the Ministry of Education as well as BIA provide adequate, credible, and timely information to the public on the financial and other resources mobilized for and expended on the program. This is important to enable civil society, media, teachers, parents, communities, and other stakeholders to have the necessary information to properly engage in the decision making process around LEAP.
As part of its oversight responsibility, the legislature should require the Ministry of Education and BIA to produce and publish independent and comprehensive financial reports on LEAP finances, especially on BIA’s financial records as the program’s lead partner.
Furthermore, civil society, the media, and other stakeholders should increase their monitoring and follow-up efforts and constructively engage with all relevant activities and processes related to education in Liberia, especially specialized education programs impacting the entire public education system and therefore the realization of
the right to free, quality public education, such as LEAP.



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This research report is produced by the Coalition for Transparency and Accountability in Education (COTAE), headed by the Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia (CENTAL).

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