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GI-ESCR Turns Travel into a Catalyst for Positive Action on Climate

GI-ESCR Turns Travel into a Catalyst for Positive Action on Climate

We've obtained our Climate Impact Certificate for 2023 from Goodwings as part of an initiative to reduce emissions across our work and travel. The certificate details the precise amount of CO2 we've mitigated and neutralized through biofuel and certified offset mechanisms. We recognize our duty to minimize and transparently report the environmental footprint of our travel activities. It fills us with pride to undertake this commitment alongside Goodwings.


What is Goodwings?

Goodwings is a purpose-oriented hotel booking platform that simplifies and economizes the offsetting of travel emissions through certified, nature-based carbon removal initiatives.


How does it work?

When you make a hotel reservation through Goodwings, the platform automatically assesses your trip's carbon footprint, including air travel, ground transportation, lodging, and meals. It also offers advice on reducing emissions throughout your journey. Goodwings then compensates for your travel emissions by investing in sustainable forestry initiatives in degraded grasslands, with projects certified by the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and validated by the Rainforest Alliance.

These projects undergo stringent independent audits to confirm carbon sequestration, soil health, and forest vitality. Additionally, they generate employment opportunities and enhance the well-being of local communities.

Acknowledging our vital role in combating climate change for the benefit and sustainability of current and future generations, we've partnered with Goodwings. This collaboration aims to leverage our collective impact for substantial climate action.


This is our certificate:


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