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GIESCR and partners deliver recommendations to the Fiscal Summit

GIESCR and partners deliver recommendations to the Fiscal Summit

A diverse spectrum of representatives of civil society met in Bogotá on May 4 and 5, 2023, in Panama City on July 4 and 5, and in Cartagena on July 25 and 26, with the aim of identifying and discussing a series of urgent fiscal issues that affect our region.

It is necessary for Latin Caribbean states to implement local and regional actions to address these issues, in addition to acting as a regional bloc at the global level. The Ministerial Summit, and the platform that will emerge from it, provide a unique opportunity for those who represent us to listen to the needs of the citizenship and act accordingly.

We conclude that it is urgent to connect the discussions on taxation with the most pressing problems of the region, and consequently to mobilise resources ―generated in progressive, inclusive and efficient manners ― to: (i) change the model
of economic growth and productive development; (ii) strengthen and implement social policies and social protection systems, and inclusive and comprehensive care for society and for future generations, which reverse pervasive inequalities and emanate from a rights perspective; (iii) ensure quality, universal, sustainable and inclusive public services, and equal exercise of human rights, with an intersectional lens; (iv) strengthen environmental policies and take measures to address the climate crisis and other environmental threats; and (v) mainstream women’s rights, and consider women’s diversity, in fiscal decision-making. These efforts are also relevant to other forums in the region, such as the Summit of Presidents of the Amazon.

Recognising the importance of tax resources to achieve justice in all its dimensions: economic, social, labor, political, climate, cultural, racial, gender, regional and holistic-territorial, we urge States to promote structural changes in fiscal policy. We
recommend addressing the following thematic areas as part of the mandate of the new platform:



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