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World Water Day 2023

World Water Day 2023

World Water Day 2023


On 22 March 2023, GI-ESCR joined activists around the world to commemorate World Water Day! 

This year, activists launched the Water Justice Manifesto signed by over 450 organisations. The Manifesto reiterates that “access to water and sanitation are fundamental human rights… and must be accessible to all without discrimination, under public control and not a commodity”. 

The Manifesto also acknowledges the centrality of water within the framework of the human right to a healthy environment as key to addressing the climate crisis. This aligns with our strategy to work towards reversing the commercialisation of public services and supporting stronger public services, including water and sanitation for climate-resilient societies.  

In solidarity with water rights activists as envisioned in the Santiago Declaration for Public Services, this is an expression of our collective commitment to mobilise across sectors and movements, building our collective analysis and supporting each other’s work and demands.  


Find out more on our work on the right to water here.  


Endorse the Santiago Declaration for Public Services here! 


Endorse the Water Justice Manifesto here! 


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